Text Box: Trained as a classical dancer at the Marseille Opera, Gerard Simi became principal dancer at age 17, performing in numerous ballets of the repertory, neo-classic and contemporary creations.  He performed in very important opera and theatre productions and also renowned festivals such as the  Choregies d'Orange and the Avignon festival and danced an award winning production of Ravel’s  ‘La Valse’  at the Theatre des Champs Elysees in Paris for the Festival de la Danse.
Text Box: At a very young age he shared the stage with probably the most established ballet stars of the time - Rudolph Nureyev, Colette Marchand and Rosella Hightower to name but a few. 

Under the direction of Joseph Lazzini, Gerard was a part of what has been the most exciting period of creativity and flamboyance of the opera of Marseille.  
Text Box: During those fabulous years, Gerard developed a great interest and understanding for all aspects of the theatre, not just Dance but also Direction, Costume Design, Lighting, devising plots for Ballets and Direction of plays.
Text Box: Nureyev visiting Gerard in Avignon
Text Box: After spending 2 years in the army, Gerard decided to teach different disciplines of dance whilst still performing on stage.

He made his mark in Avignon when participating in the creation of the ballets Aoumm, La Serre and Delire Froid, not only as a dancer but also writing the plots and designing decor and costume for ballet master, Jacques Fabre.

In the same period, his design of costumes for  a memorable production of Faust for the Choregies d'Orange at the antique theatre performed in front of an audience of 12,000, affirmed his talent and knowledge of theatre disciplines
Gerard Simi Ballet Dancer

Gerard as a soloist with Danielle Dassault dancing Beethoven’s 7th Symphony -

Opera de Lyon

The Antique Theatre in Orange  - Walpurgis Night - Faust

Gerard designed all the costumes and performed

Text Box: Opera de Marseille
Text Box: Opera d’Avignon
Text Box: Theatre Antique d’Orange

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